Booking Instructions

NB: Members of the RM Golf club do NOT use the Book Tee Times from the main menu, since that is for the public, and are not discounted rounds.

ALL RM Club member’s reservations are done via the Members LogIn link in the header of the club page for your region.

Input your Last Name and chosen Password

The sheet where you see available member’s rounds looks like this.
NOTE : This is just an example list



Select the number of RM Club members, RM guests and/or non-members in your party from the drop down boxes at the top.

  • Your guests (RM Guests) can play at a discount when you book for them.
  • The numbers in the chart indicate how many tee times are available to our members & their guests.
    • If you are the only RM Club member in your group and you are without a guest, then any number greater than or equal to 1 is fine.
    • If there are 2 members, or yourself and a guest, you will need a slot with 2 or more times available to members.
  • Courses which accept RM guests are highlighted in Green. Those that accept members only are highlighted in Red
  • Your account will be billed for the green fees for the RM club members and any RM guests in your group. Non-members pay the regular green fee at the course as usual.

Click on the chart for the course and day you wish to play.

  • You will be taken to the booking sheet with green dots showing available times
  • Select your time by clicking on the balls for the time you wish to play
  • Check My Bookings for confirmation of your booking. There are three possible states:
    • Accepted
      The course has received and acknowledged your booking.
    • Pending
      This request has not yet been received by the course, but it is in queue, and will be acknowledged shortly.
    • Declined
      This tee time cannot be accepted by the course. Please try again

Refresh a few times, it may take a minute or two for the course to accept the booking

If it remains pending for more than a few minutes:

  • Bookings that remain pending for more than just a couple of minutes are tentative – this occurs when a course is offline. There is a possibility that it could be declined once the course resumes its connection; if they have already taken that time in the proshop.
  • You may wish to call the course and inform them that their connection is down, sometimes a connection is lost and they are unaware.
  • You may cancel and book elsewhere, rather than risk being declined
  • ReservationMasters is not responsible for maintaining the internet connection for the course. We do have protocols in the booking software which will re-establish the connection when dropped. Unfortunately it is not always possible to re-establish, depending on the circumstances of the disconnection.

Once Booked:
When you go to the course simply show your card which identifies you as a member. You will be billed by Reservation masters on the charge card you registered with.

Cancellations are made through the My Bookings page. Press the Cancel button beside the round that you wish to cancel.

No further action is required if you are cancelling more than 24 hours in advance of your tee time.

If your game is cancelled due to weather with less than 24 hours notice.
Cancel your tee time online and then email declaring a weather cancellation. This must be done BEFORE the tee time has elapsed.

Lost Cards

  • If your card is lost, we will deactivate it and replace it in timely fashion.
  • You will not be able to play as a member until you have your new card.
  • You are responsible for any rounds played on your card prior to notifying us of it's loss.

Try It Out Now

You may try the system out, by booking a time at the course called "Demo Course" No rounds at this course are billed, it is for you to try the system out and see how it works