Q: Is it easy to book a round?
Yes... it takes less than one minute. You go to the site, input your last name and password pick a course / day and then choose a time, and “Accept”. Type a name, a password, and 3 mouse clicks.

Q: Is Monday of a long weekend considered part of the weekend?
On a long weekend Monday is part of the weekend.

Q: How does the billing work when 2 or more members play together?
One player can book for the group. Each member will be billed individually.

Q. What about twilight golf -- could one use their membership for after work rounds?
Yes. However, prices on the club do not change. Our price is usually still below the courses twilight rate.

Q: Do I have to input my credit card information every time I book?
No. Once registered, your information is on file, and your account is debited each time you reserve. All you need is your username and password.

Q: Will my credit card information be confidential and secure?
Yes. We use Microsoft's BCentral ecommerce server for financial transactions. This offers the highest security and reliability currently available. Reservation Masters will not store your credit card information online. The credit card information can be given to Reservation Masters by phone or fax. The information is not given to any other companies and is only used for booking of the OttawaGolf club tee times.

Q: If I cancel a tee time will my charge card be credited.
Reservation Masters will not bill your charge card until the day of play. You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance without being billed.

Q: What happens if the game is cancelled due to weather with less than 24 hours notice?
Cancel your tee time online and then email neastman@reservationmasters.com or by phone at 819-682-8637 declaring a weather cancellation. This must be done BEFORE the tee time has elapsed.

Q: Are taxes included in the posted prices?
No. HST is added to the cost of your round.

Q: Can we play at course outside our own region?
Yes, you may play at any RM Club course. At least 30% of your rounds must be played in your home region.