What is TeeSheet?

TeeSheet is a computer replacement for a golf course's pencil and paper tee sheet.

TeeSheet is connected to the internet in real time so golfers may book online anytime, through the course's own website, as well as from the website affiliates of ReservationMasters.com & GolfResource.net

Why switch to a computerized booking system?

Switching from a pen-and-paper tee-time reservation system to a computerized system allows Golf Courses to increase the efficiency of course usage, streamline record keeping and improve customer service.

By using the Web to book tee-times, patrons can make reservations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reservation Masters maintains a profile of each golfer in its database, so repeat visitors can select and confirm reservations with a few clicks of a mouse.

Reservation Masters manages a problem common to many golf courses: no shows. In an attempt to get the best tee-time available, many golfers book at multiple courses, then honour only the one that best suits their plans. Using Reservation Masters, golfers can review available tee-times at multiple courses in their area, then make a single reservation at the one that meets their needs. This lowers the number of "false" reservations.

The database also helps analyze your course's usage patterns and efficiency. Cumbersome, handwritten, tee-time sheets leave a course with customer data that is difficult to analyze or consolidate. The online data provided by Reservation Masters allows the course's operations manager, to run reports to find out the breakdown of golfing groups during any given time period during the season.

The service is enough to open your eyes to the power of Internet business solutions. The customer communication potential is unbelievable. People who have used Reservation Masters say they will never book by phone again.

Reservation Masters.com is now the clear leader in bringing online booking services to Ottawa area golfers. The list of courses currently using the system is available via the "Select a Course" list above.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration or to ask questions.