Point Of Sale

A completely user-definable touch-screen capable Point of Sale system. Suitable for both pro shop and food and beverage operations.

  • User friendly cash register POS software.
  • Fully integrated with RM TeeSheet
  • Golfer's check in, and the transaction is processed in one seamless operation.
  • No more time-consuming manual procedures.
  • For the Pro Shop:
    • Tracks both stock and non-stock items - gloves and balls, green fees and cart rentals
    • Is barcode scanner ready you can define touch-screen buttons for non-stock items, and scan the barcode on stock inventory items. You can use both methods in the same sales transaction.
    • Handles specialty items like gift certificates, cart rental discount cards, green fee passes and related items effortlessly
    • Gift certificates, cart rental discount cards and green fee passes are recorded in their own databases. All the details of all three types of transactions are instantly available to the appropriate staff.
    • Rain checks can be automatically generated for the balance of the golfer's play. The dollar value is calculated as a pro-rating of the amount actually paid for the round and can be used like a gift certificate. All these calculations are handled automatically by the system in less than a second. Issuing a rain check takes less than 10 seconds in total.
    • prints price tags for items. Price tags can include a bar code if you use a scanner.
    • Member account management including account settlements and payments on account
  • For the restaurant and lounge:
    • allows unlimited numbers of servers to be defined
    • supports up to 999 open checks per server
    • transfer checks from server to server, server to manager, manager to server in real time
    • allows servers to split and merge items on different checks at will
    • allows servers to log into a workstation with a simple card swipe or servers can log in manually
    • for workstations on the restaurant floor, servers can be automatically logged out after a manager-defined period of inactivity
    • unlimited numbers of buttons definable as menu items, food prep items or other specialty items
    • unlimited numbers of touchscreen definitions - screens can be cascaded or nested to any level
    • recipe management for prepared items - inventory levels are relieved for ingredients.
  • For the back office:
    • all activity from the front of the house automatically flows through to the back of the house in real time
    • Email client built-in. You can send an email from the program to a member, but more importantly, you can send the same email to every member, or every member with a particular interest. This means you can advise members about things that affect them like course conditions, maintenance issues, opening and closing dates and similar items. You can also use this facility to market your operation.

      For example, if you've got a tournament that isn't filling up the way you'd like, in seconds you can let your members know what spaces are available when.

      There are a lot of ways that you can use email to stay in touch with customers, generate customer loyalty and interest and by extension, your revenue, without incurring expenses.